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Packing Tips for Your Next Move

Luxury Apts WNY Blog  When it comes to moving, knowing how to efficiently pack a box is good knowledge to have. Today we have tips and tricks to make everything fit, so you'll be ready when it's time to move.

Welcome to the July edition of the Luxury Apts WNY Blog! Last summer, we shared some general tips for a smooth move. To add onto this, we’re sharing specific packing tips to get things ready for a move. Whether you’re moving to Western New York from across the country or nearby, we think these ideas are worth reading about.


Pack Smart

Before you begin packing, come up with a plan for how you’re going to pack. Whether you pack room by room, by least-used to most-used, or by function, the important thing is to map out how you will progress. Be sure you have all the supplies on hand you will need for packing different types, weights, and sizes of items. Give yourself plenty of time to methodically sort, pack, and label your boxes for the best moving experience.


Packing Dishes

Rather than wrapping plates and bowls and stacking them up, wrap them and pack them in a box standing vertically. Fill the excess space with package filler, or even towels, socks, etc. Boxes are square and plates are round, so another option for plates and bowls is to pack them into a (clean) paint bucket. Stack them on top of each other (with several layers of newspaper or a styrofoam plate between each plate) in the bucket, and add filler around them. Be sure the bucket is sturdy and has a securely fitting lid.  


When it comes to cups, glasses, and stemware, newspaper and bubble wrap may not be the best choice. Tea towels, rags, and even tube socks are great for wrapping and protecting glass items. Slip a glass into a sock and tuck the extra inside the cup and say bye-bye to chipped cups or glasses. Be sure to allow plenty of space around the glasses and box for padding, and fill it in completely so the contents don’t shift during transit.


Packing Clothing

Pre-sort your clothing and donate or toss items that are damaged, out-of-style, or you just don’t wear anymore — there’s no point in moving them to a new place if you’re not going to use them. Once you’ve sorted, go ahead and pack your off-season clothing first. (Be sure to label the boxes, particularly if you will be storing them for several months before your move.)


The distance you’re moving can determine how you pack your clothes. If you are doing a short-distance move, use a combination of garbage bags for items in your dresser and zip ties for clothing on hangers (zip tie your hangers together) and pile clothes in the backseat of your car. For longer moves, wardrobe boxes are a good option.


Check out these additional ideas for packing clothing for a move from the Life Storage Blog.


What are your best tips for packing up your apartment? Do you have a system for identifying the contents of your boxes and bags? Let us know in the comments! Thanks for reading today’s blog post.