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There's an App for That

Pictured: a person holding a smartphone with a food planning app open on it.

For better or for worse, technology is a part of our lives these days. Luxury Apts WNY provides online payments and an online resident portal for members of our apartment communities. Today we are sharing some apps that can make your life easier all around. We have suggestions for apps to help you out in the car, in the kitchen, and in the town. Read on to learn more.

In the Car

Check out Waze a community-driven navigation map that is more than just navigation. Members provide real-time updates to the maps to indicate traffic jams, road construction, and even gas prices, and it’s not just for major freeways, highways, and arterial streets; even side streets right here in WNY can be included. In the case of heavy traffic and long delays, Waze will reroute you in the most efficient manner. Available for iOS and Android

In the Kitchen

There are a multitude of pantry-supply lists, such as this one from the Food Network, which you can use as a base for creating your individualized pantry. Keep track of what you need to pick up at the grocery store by using one of these handy apps. We especially like the Out of Milk app (available for both Android and iOS) because with it you can include an ongoing home pantry list.  

We also love this Allrecipes Dinner Spinner. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was an app that could just scan what you already have and then make a shopping list of what you need for your recipe? Thankfully, someone had an idea. Just scan the barcodes of what you’ve already got and you’re ready to get the rest.

For Your Finances

Venmo is a handy app for moving your money around without carrying cash. Send or receive money with a few simple taps. All it takes to set up is a phone number or email. Sending money is free with a variety of payment methods. Find out more about Venmo today.

Sometimes you just need to split up the expenses in a group venture, and it can get tricky trying to remember who owes whom how much — enter Splitwise, an adaptive app that keeps track of it all down to the penny. It’s free to use and is compatible via the web, iPhone, and Android.