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How to Find the Perfect Apartment Floor Plan

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Finding the perfect apartment for you and your tastes, needs, and desires can seem like a stressful, overwhelming decision. But you can make the best decision for you, without the stress, by remembering a few important tips. Today the Luxury Apts WNY Blog is highlighting some things to remember as you go apartment searching. Start with our apartment communities right here in Western New York — we think you’ll love what you find. In fact, be sure to read the reviews and find out what our residents have to say.

Tips for Finding the Perfect Apartment Floor Plan

First, evaluate your current state.

Having a frame of reference to go off of as you search for apartments is helpful because it can give you an idea of what to say no to and what’s worth indulging in. You’re obviously looking for some sort of change, so first find out if it’s appropriate for you by determining how many things and how much space you currently have.

Take this time to go through your things and get rid of what you no longer love, want, or need. Start packing up and organizing (physically, on paper, or even just in your mind’s eye) your things according to where they might go in a future home so you can have an idea for where they’ll go once you unpack. Measure your furniture and get the footage of your current living space so you can know at a glance whether another apartment’s square footage is enough for you. Try out our virtual move in feature. You’ll find it in a tab with most of our floor plans.

Write down your needs and wants.

There’s more to finding the perfect apartment than just finding a spacious one. Write down what other factors are important to you and organize them according to which qualities are necessities and which are luxuries. Separate lists can help you say no to something that seems lucrative but isn’t up to par, and help you decide between a couple options if you love both.

Ask questions.

Touring a home in person is important because it gives you the chance to see what it’s like in real time and have the chance to ask a leasing agent questions for answers you may not be able to get elsewhere. As you’re touring, walk through like you’d be living in the space. Does the flow of the layout feel natural? Do you like the lighting and would you be able to change it? Do the outlets work — and are they placed in convenient spaces? Pay attention to all of these and other questions so you can make an educated decision for your new home.

Luxury Apts WNY is a fantastic property management company for many of our residents living here in the Western New York area. Call or stop by any of our apartment communities to learn why and learn more about our floor plans and schedule a tour. We look forward to hearing from you!

What are your best tips for finding the perfect apartment? Share your wisdom with us in the comments. Thanks for reading! Good luck!