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First Apartment? We've Got Tips

A couple receiving keys to an apartment from a leasing agent with the building in the background.

Welcome back to the Luxury Apts WNY Blog! If you’re new to WNY, this may be your first experience living in or perhaps looking for an apartment. If that’s the case, this post is for you (and even if you are a veteran of apartment living, you, too may benefit from reading this post). We’ve got thoughts about

Budget Is Important

The general rule of thumb is to only spend about 30% of your income for housing. While you can fudge somewhat on this amount, definitely don’t go anywhere near the 50% mark. It’s possible to make that work, but it means cutting out many of the things that make life enjoyable. So if you don’t already have a budget, take the time to track your spending habits, and figure out where you’re at, and how much you can comfortably spend on housing. Apps like Mint or You Need a Budget can help you with this step.

Consider Your Commute

Where you live in relationship to where you work, go to school, or spend the majority of your time is important. Take into account the amount of time you will spend commuting from your apartment to the places you need to be. Do a test run, so you know what you’ll be looking at. If public transportation factors into the equation, be sure to understand the logistics. Use the interactive maps on our Luxury Apts WNY property websites to help you figure out your travel times.

First Apartment Needs

If this is your first apartment, having some basic items on hand will make your experience much better. We like this comprehensive list from (which you can print out, too) of items for your apartment.
Be aware of the apartment rules and guidelines. Take time to read and understand all of the terms in your lease. If you have questions ask in advance.

Don’t forget to do a change of address form for mail  USPS.  Take some time to get to know the amenities and services we provide, and welcome to WNY. We know you’ll enjoy living here.