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Decorate Your Apartment These Apps Can Help

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When it comes to decorating your apartment, the Luxury Apts WNY Blog is sharing some thoughts about effective decoration and what makes it work. We have also found some apps that will help you get the job done. While there are some things that technology just can’t help with like moving couches, for instance, there are plenty of other ways apps can help.  Check out these apps and be prepared for the next time you decide to redesign your living space.


Decorate to Your Taste

Use your own personal design style to turn your apartment into your ideal space. Make it reflect you and your interests. If you like books, maybe consider adding a stylish bookshelf to display your precious book collection. Your style should also reflect your lifestyle, which is a huge part of who you are.


Meaningful Items

You can decorate your apartment simply to help it look good, but try adding meaning to it as well. Decorate with items that have sentimental meaning to you — things that you love and that you have a deep connection to. Not only will this help to make your space more cozy and personable, but it will also provide great conversation points for when you have guests over.


For Buying Furniture and Decorations:



Lofty is an app for buying and selling valuable fine art and antiques. A team of appraisers and auction-house specialists assesses the paintings, prints, furniture, jewelry, and fashion based on sellers’ photos.



Buy and sell pre-owned furniture or decor in a quick way. There are all kinds of fun treasures to discover on this app.


For Layouts/Furniture Placement:


Ikea Catalog

More than a catalog, this app features an augmented reality feature that allows you to virtually place the brand's furniture in your room to see how it will look.


Autodesk Homestyler

Addressing three common design dilemmas with one app, Homestyler allows users to place high-quality models of furniture, light fixtures, rugs, and other products on an image of a room, browse a photo stream for design inspiration, and connect with design professionals in their area.


We love our Western New York apartment communities! We hope this blog post is helpful when you are ready for a change in your apartment decor. Thanks for taking the time to read our post this month!